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Organisation and Management

        The Karmveer Vitthal Ramaji Shinde Shikshan Sanstha is a body, registered under Public Trust Act 1950 and Society Registration Act 1860. As per the provision of the constitution of the Sanstha, the college is governed by the Executive Council, which consists of the President, Vice-presidents, Secretary, Joint-secretaries, Treasurer and other executive members.

        The organization of the college is decentralised and of a democratic nature. The executive council takes decisions in accordance with policies framed. The Principal implements the decisions and looks after the day to day administration. The office and departments in the college are governed on the principle of participation and transparency.

        The local managing committee is formed as per the provision of section 85 of Maharashtra Universities Act 1994. Three elected members of teaching staff and one elected member of the non-teaching staff are included in the local managing committee. These representatives participate in the process of decision making. There are about 28 committees appointed by the Principal with specific directives. The Principal, Chairman and heads of the various committees do internal co-ordinating and monitoring. The teachers are recruited through university selection committee. The non-teaching employees are recruited as per provisions of Maharashtra non-agricultural universities and affiliated college’s standard code 1984. The committee makes the selection from amongst the candidates from the list provided by the employment exchange office and District Social Welfare Office.

        Student council is constituted as per the provisions of section 40 (2) (b) of Maharashtra Universities Act 1994. It looks after the interest of the students and promotes and co-ordinates the extra-curricular activities of the students. Provident fund loan is sanctioned to 25 teaching and 13 non-teaching staff and also provided leave travel concession and medical reimbursement facility

        Our teaching and non-teaching staff has contributed in the formation of Shri. Sane Guruji Shikshan Sevakanchi Patsanstha Ltd., Gadhinglaj. and Shri. Shiv-Shahu Shikshan Sevakanchi Patsanstha Ltd., Gadhinglaj. These two Patsanstha’s cater the financial needs of our teaching and non-teaching staff.